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35 years Residential & Commercial Experience We Specialize In Restaurants


Lewis Companies, LLC staff has been servicing restaurants for over three decades now. We have expertise in REPAIRING, INSTALLING and MAINTAINING equipment in the Kitchen as well as in the dining area plus any Electrical and Plumbing work across the whole restaurant.

Equipment in the Cook Line – Grills, Stoves, Warmers, Exhausts, Hoods or Coolers, Freezers, Display Units or Walk-in Units … we service all of them.

Whether it is a small individually owned Restaurant, a Regional Chain, an Ethnic Specialty Restaurant or a well known national brand Chain Restaurant, we service all.

Presently we service National Chains like Denny’s Restaurants, Regional Pizza and Sandwich Chains, Sports Bars, Family Restaurants and several ethnic restaurants.

WE have experience in repairing, installing and maintaining:

• Heating and Air Conditioners • Refrigeration
• Walk-in Freezers • Water Heaters
• Walk-in Coolers • Furnaces
• Any Electrical Restaurant repairs • Toasters & Warmers
• Any Plumbing Restaurant repairs • Faucets
• Hot Plates, Grills, Exhausts • Ice Makers
• Beverage Coolers & Bod Equipment • Toilets, Urinals, Sinks etc.

We offer Preventive Maintenance Contracts.


Please contact us at (703) 250 0250 
info@lewiscompaniesllc. com